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About Marie Curie
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About Marie Curie

Marie Curie (Marie Curie ,1867-1934) French national Polish scientists, the phenomenon of radioactivity, discovered radium and polonium two kinds of radioactive elements, life twice won the Nobel Prize.

Marie Curie and the discovery of radium cheap NHL jerseys

Mary Yasi can Luoduo Fu Si Kaya, the famous Marie Curie, known as "the mother of Ra."Her November 7, 1867 was born in Russia under the rule of Tsar invaders Polish capital, Warsaw. Father is a professor of physics at Warsaw colleges and universities, making her an early age became interested in science experiments.
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People can only live once! This is often forgotten common sense. Since you only live once, you should pay attention to point "living law." Why live too tired, to torture their own it?
Live is too tired to tired heart. Situation of the poor do not need bitter, life, and where's smooth sailing all the time? The boss a dissatisfied glance why not on the air five minutes to slow in the next life, you have plenty of performance opportunities, not to mention "iron yamen official water", which is unchangeable fact. Think of these you will become calm; see other people's performance is outstanding belly up do not have to envy, jealousy harmful to health. As long as they do what on the line.
Since people can only live once, you should live comfortable, live happy, live unrestrained. Work too fast, too much stress, too feisty heart, life is too irregular, time is not long, mental and physical collapse. Originally four-year-old, almost old mental and physical, what with the money? Shakespeare had cursed gold: golden gold ah, you are the common whore of mankind! You can make America ugly, so ugly can be beautiful; you can make the mistake into a right, we can make right into wrong; you can make the living into the dead, you can make the dead into the living! To get this golden gold, Liangjianvzi when the whore, good guy into a robber! I curse you, damned gold! Marx predicted: sooner or later people will use the gold to cover the toilet! Of course, the penny may be stumped hero Han, money can not. However, as long as there is security at the end of the wage, why more vapid pursuit of the accumulation of his life too!
Comfortable to live, live happy, live smart, we must learn contentment, learn to go with the flow. Contentment, happiness is adaptable. We have money, influence and power to the people, all people. Because all people, there is no need to tender mercies, smile ask for help! Life, after all, not a show, do not use too much powder to smear their own, not to wear "masks" to "the fun!" Laugh, want to sing sing, earn earn less are carefully calm, live simple and natural, live Tan sway. This is comfortable, this is happiness, this is cool!
They have much "energy", capable of much success, there should be a self-knowledge. Of course, we should strive to fight in the plain brilliant time; in brilliant, but also to clearly see the mountains there, not "I in the world." This avoids the impetuous, to avoid the error. Able to create brilliant very well, but miracles have often caused by many factors, plus the opportunity of favorable factors, lack of which can only be lost by the wayside as it is called "Man proposes, God disposes" is!
So, as long as we are down to earth to life officer, even if not create anything brilliant, you can feel the real life, the pursuit of happiness, but also be able to "get fixed gratifying fish, no fish is also pleased," also! Life Zaibu Dong too much trouble and sorrow! Only the inner calm, calm, can not go without music. If we can hold a sense of balance, sit down to see the cloud, clouds, Huakaihuaxie, term vicissitudes, cloud water can be a long period of good mood. Do the norm, do ordinary people, calm state of mind, mental balance, if the best we can in this mood to treat every day, then we will be full of sunshine each day, filled with hope.
People can only live once! Do not live too tired!
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1: In this world we can not do two things: First, hurry, and second, stopped to look at whether you have a good attitude. Good attitude is a good partner in life of people, people pleasure and health.
Insights on life: to have sun-like mentality.
2: Life without love is like a desert, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, "learn to love others, in fact, love themselves," Let love as the afternoon sun, warm everyone's heart.
Learn to love others!
3: more to respect, understanding others, Chang Huai tolerance and grateful heart, tolerance is a virtue, a kind of wisdom, be tolerant to diversity have a vast sea, appreciate your friends is that they give you help: thank you enemy, they make you strong.
Understand tolerance and gratitude.
4: control of their mouth, do not just momentary gratification speech lip service, "remarks to a three winter, cold in June wounding the phrase" speak my mind to use, sensitive things cautious, so much good. Young people are not evil, naturally your enemy.
Remember loose lips!
5: human, human, human nature, to charity, often with contacts, "more than usually burn incense, when it was anxious to help," so, "more than human to save, like bank deposits, deposit the more, the longer the greater the bonus.
Save more human.
6: Do not distress impatient! Do not jump to conclusions, especially when made angry decision, to learn empathy, or wait, trivialize, nothing. Things as simple as possible to deal with the complex, do not complicate the simple things.
Failing Mo impatient!
7: really learn contentment. The greatest trouble is there is no meaningful comparison from the beginning, such as the wider world there is always stronger than you and your people, "When I cry do not wear shoes, I found some but no feet."
Really learn contentment.
8: If the enemy makes you angry, that you have won his grasp, do not have to go back to curse you people. If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to it one bite it?
And bad people do not care about angry.
9: Do not work as burden, since the current can not change the line, there is no better choice, instead of angry complaining, as positive and happy face. When you work as a life and art, you will enjoy the fun of life
Enjoy the joy of work.
10: people alive for one day is a blessing, on the treasure, just a few decades of life, do not leave more regret. Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, joyful day; failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, the heart is also comfortable.
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This is a vast field, fertile land, lush. In order to irrigate their crops, farmers dug two people in the river here, a small point, a big point. This large, we may just call him the river bar.
At first, streams and rivers are diligent to irrigation, the two sides in mid-harvest crops. But one day, the river suddenly had a thought, he is going to look at the sea. Life out of this idea, no longer contain himself. I am a river, and how can the same piece of river, never in it in this lonely countryside. Muster the strength of the river covered, wave after wave rushed into the distance. To admit that the river is tough to overcome the difficulties, he broke through many of the ridge and mountain, he left his goal is getting closer. Look back on the river, he could not help give birth to a heart of compassion: Oh, no pursuit of the river too.
Unfortunately, one day, the river plunged headlong into the desert, his point that the water quickly evaporated. River shouted out "Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, long the hero Tearful." No longer missing.
Without water, a few years, it blocked the river, a few years, the river was filled.
The piece of the river, still diligently to irrigate their crops, farmers harvest for the two sides achieved a lot. To get more water to irrigate, it broadens the stream of the river, the river than in the past but also wide. Bustling river all day, with Huan Yi vegetables farming and women, bathing the children play with the tourists fishing boat ... ... lotus Tada, ocean waves, water, wide fish fertilizer.
And heritage through the generations of breeding, the river is known locally as "Mother River" and the original piece of river, had laid hold of the slightest trace.
He targets the river is too ambitious, but he forgot his own a countryside of inland river. Thus, small-scale strong when a long time, more people arrogant ignorance, blind to their own. So, the pursuit of moderation.
Creek's success tells us, based on their own, where the collective realization of the value of the value of the individual can be achieved. For example, you improve the performance of the company, grow and develop, your value will out. Leaving aside the collective value of the blind pursuit of personal success, often in vain.
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Second day of the arrival in Quanzhou, on July 28, 2009, nine in the morning peak group Agency spokesmen rockets players Ron Artest, Sasha-wuguxiqi trip to Fujian Quanzhou peak group headquarters, visit peak factory and an exclusive interview with the media. 28th or so, the two stars to basketball at hometown Stadium Park, Quanzhou basketball Park unveiled, Quanzhou and then Ron Artest and Wu Jia Guide a team to a 10-minute mini games, Wu Jia eventually led the white team won. Ron Artest alone came to Quanzhou in seven in the afternoon. Middle school students and fans had a face-to-face interaction. While wuguxiqi to Fuzhou and meet his die-hard fans.
In the three activities in Quanzhou, most fans satisfaction, Ron Artest is most happy, to number seven in Quanzhou in the campus. Early on in the afternoon of 28th Quanzhou seven gathered a large number of waiting children, and all the child's eyes were shining with excitement and expectation of light. Reporters visited a few small random fans, their skill was worshipped on the Ron Artest, hoping to get Ron Artest before guiding a night at the stadium, unable to sleep with excitement, but tough on Ron Artest on the pitch and anger are somewhat afraid. "The beast" deterrence in the name of full.
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